Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bet you thought I gave up on this blog...

I have not posted since we returned to school and I don't have anything exciting to post now either. Maybe soon... I had a doctor appointment today and he said everything is ready to have the baby, he will be suprised if I make it till December 22 when I was going to be induced. I am really uncomfortable now, but would like to make it through another week of school, I guess you can't plan these things though. I don't even have my pictures downloaded, so I will have to post again tomorrow, if I get a chance and show you some pictures.


  1. For your sake I hope you do have it early. If you need a pg pic we can provide you with one :)

  2. glad to see you didn't quit the blog. :)

  3. You're due already?!!! That went by fast for me! haha...good luck and hope everything goes fast (but not tooo fast) and smooth. =)