Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Riding in the combine with grandpa Paul.

A Hippie, a Clown, and A Ninja.

My little pumpkin:)

Enjoying the bubbles.

Bretta and Auntie Kendra

The kids and Brynne

Bretta had the flu....

Caden and Parker

I have the day off and should be getting something done around the house, but instead I am downloading pictures off the camera and wanted to share them:)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My first post in 8 months:)

HAPPY KID...Parker Kincaid

Mom and Parker

Aaron, Caden, Tammie, & Bretta in Nashville

Just wanted to update the pictures. Parker has changed a little. I am a horrible blogger. I read other people's once in a while, but don't take the time to keep mine up. We have been back to work at school since August 2nd and my new job is way more busy than I anticipated and so is Aaron's. He hasn't gotten home till after 9:00 all week and he goes in at 7:30. Hopefully once school starts he will get on a little nicer schedule:) Bretta and Caden went to meet their teachers today and they are ready to start school on Monday.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Proud Sister and Brother

Bretta holding Parker, this is better than
any doll could be:)
Caden holding his new baby brother

Parker Kincaid was born December 23rd

I just realized I have not even put Parker on my blog. He is an absolutely wonderful little dear:) He is so content and cuddly. I will post some pictures of him the day he was born for now...then work up to more recent ones, as they are all on the camera.