Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Riding in the combine with grandpa Paul.

A Hippie, a Clown, and A Ninja.

My little pumpkin:)

Enjoying the bubbles.

Bretta and Auntie Kendra

The kids and Brynne

Bretta had the flu....

Caden and Parker

I have the day off and should be getting something done around the house, but instead I am downloading pictures off the camera and wanted to share them:)


  1. Like Parkers hat! And the picture of Bretta w/the flu is neat, love the sun shining on her hair. Miss ya lots!!

  2. Okay..I have a lot of comments so here goes....
    *love the squinty faces of the kids with gpa Paul
    *love their Halloween costumes. Nolan will love to hear that Caden was a Ninja too
    *love the Parker and bubbles one. Was he eating them?
    *great picture of the kids and Brynne
    *haha! It looks like Caden is having a discussion with Brynne
    *I like the one of Bretta when she was sick. poor kiddo. hopes she better now
    *great face Parker!

    we miss you guys a lot. hope we get to see you before too long!

  3. thanks for sharing the pictures. love the one of Parker in the bubbles and looks like he enjoyed it. so fun to see how they change and grow.