Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bet you thought I gave up on this blog...

I have not posted since we returned to school and I don't have anything exciting to post now either. Maybe soon... I had a doctor appointment today and he said everything is ready to have the baby, he will be suprised if I make it till December 22 when I was going to be induced. I am really uncomfortable now, but would like to make it through another week of school, I guess you can't plan these things though. I don't even have my pictures downloaded, so I will have to post again tomorrow, if I get a chance and show you some pictures.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Giving Brynne a Bath
Caden at Chucky Cheese

Parade Time

Bretta and Payton at Chucky Cheese

Rich's Birthday!!!

latest news

Caden, Rich, and Dustin playing baseball.

Cotton Candy at the fair.


Dan won the kids a big gorilla.... Jee thanks!

Saw Smokey the Bear!

We had our county fair and enjoyed lots of; food, rides, games, and a parade. We also had the workers and Caden convinced them to play baseball with him, Aaron, Jordan, Dustin, and Dan. Then we spent some time in Fargo and had a b-day party for Caden at Chucky Cheese. I will add those pictures next.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Some New Pictures

Bretta and Auntie Da'shon
My fave picture of the kids sleeping at a hotel

on our trip. They were sooooo tired:)

Family Picture

Kids hiking in Glacier Park.

This was a common scene, as Caden has to go
to the bathroom more often than a pregnant lady does:)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I haven't posted in a while....

Here's Bretta being lazy. We have been trying to
kick the thumb sucking habit, but....

Bretta and Caden at the Teacher of the Year Banquet

My favorite Bison Fans, making art projects during
my evening ALC classes. They have been attending
since Aaron has baseball practice.

Aaron getting his "Diamond" from the President of Education MN.
It is a little clear triangle on a base, but Bretta and Caden
call it "Dad's Diamond" If it were really a diamond...I would have
already sold it:)

Bretta, Daddy, Caden at the Teacher of the Year Banquet.

We have been really busy and I am looking forward to school getting out next week, even though I am teaching summer school the first three weeks of June. I have lots of plans for projects around home this summer... I always have lots of plans and only get about half of them done.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Circus was FUN

Caden with a noisy, light flashing sword, that
Auntie Cynthia bought for him.

Payton and Auntie Kendra ( doesn't she look
great? down 60+ pounds)

Bretta enjoyed the show.
The kids and I went to Fargo after school on Friday to stay at the hotel with my parents and Trav, Cynthia, and Payton. We had a great time, but Bretta and Caden didn't go to sleep till after midnight and were up on Saturday at 6:15 AM. They were ready to watch cartoons, UGG.
By the time the 2:00 circus was over, they were exhausted, so was I, but I had to drive home yet. We got home at 10:00 PM to Roseau and went straight to bed. Aaron went to the Twins game with the Roseau baseball team and then their team played in the dome on Friday night. We watched from the motel in Fargo and saw aaron on TV (in the background). He had an exhausting weekend too. Their game was played after the Twins game and they didn't get back to their hotel till 3:00 in the morning. Sunday we had meeting and gospel meeting, so no nap. I think I will be tired all week:)

Monday, April 6, 2009

KIDS Say the funniest things.

Caden was asking me this morning what kind of worker Tom is (Tom Mason). What he means is what does he do for a job? I told him Tom is a truck driver. He then proceeds to tell Bretta, "Tom is a truck driver, mom and dad are teachers, Grandpa Gary and Grandpa Paul are farmers, and Grandma Patty is a shopper..." At that point I began laughing and explained that Grandma Patty actually has a job...not just shopping. Just so you know Patty, the kids don't think you work, you just spend money:)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I have been busy, but I am still here.

Bretta in her favorite shamrock shirt.

Kids in the snow yesterday. We are getting
more snow today too, YIPEEE. (sarcasm)

Caden and Bretta last Sunday.

Not to much going on here. We have been working, doing homework, and not much else. Aaron and Caden did go ice fishing with Dan Timmersman and the workers on Saturday. The workers have a picture of Caden scooping snow and licking it off the minnow scoop, YUCK. Bretta and I stayed home and she went out on the front step in her flip flops and built a snow family. I will post a picture of that. Aaron has started baseball practice after school everyday. The kids and I go home eat, play for awhile, I run while they watch a movie next to the treadmill, then we have baths, brush teeth, and get ready for bed. When they are in bed, mom does homework. Pretty much the same routine everyday, so no excitement here. We are looking forward to visiting Wisconsin for Easter and going to Fargo for the circus the week after Easter.

Friday, March 20, 2009


My wonderful and talented husband is in the top 10 for teacher of the year. The kids and I were right in the middle of a really loud pajama party (aaron is gone) and the phone rings. It was one of the Teacher of the Year Committee members calling for Aaron. I took her number and called him to return her call. She thought I was out at a Bar, Aaron explained that we were just celebrating, because it is Friday night, aaron is gone, today was the last day of the quarter, and I will use any excuse to eat pizza and dippin dots. Just kidding, we like him to be home too:) Bretta read a book at the dentist this week about a pajama party and insisted we have one. The best part is I think I have to sleep on the floor downstairs tonight, unless she forgets that part of it. (PLEEEEEASE) If I have to sleep on the floor I will never be the same again:) I will post pictures of party tomorrow and let you know if we stay up all night.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Latest happenings.

Grandpa Gary and Payton- Puzzle box for a hat.

Payton in the slide at the playland. He will
be three on St. Patrick's Day.

Mom, Bretta, and Kendra.
My mom fell on the way into meeting last week and broker her knee cap, so she had surgery last Friday. Aaron and I and the kids are heading down there to visit on Thursday, we are off Thursday and Friday for Hockey Break. We are also going to be attending a birthday party for Payton, my cute little nephew, who will be turning 3 on St. Patrick's Day. Bretta has her party outfit all picked out. She is going to wear her I love Daddy t-shirt that has green sparkly letters and a big shamrock.
They just announced that we will be getting out of school at 2:15, a whole 45 minutes early, you would think we were getting a week off the way the kids were hollering and cheering. I could hear yells for a good minute coming from other classrooms. Anyway, the weather is getting bad and all the schools are closing. I just hope we don't get to much snow, YUCK! I'm ready for spring:)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun weekend

Caleb reading to the kids

Rich on his laptop

At the motel-Saturday morning cartoons

Kiddies in the pool
We went to Bemidji on Friday night for Aaron's workshop and the kids had fun at the motel. We shopped a little on Saturday, then came home and the workers were here till Monday. I am looking forward to next weekend, as we are not going anywhere. I have a few projects I would like to get done this week, but we will see if I actually get anything done. I have a baby shower I am putting on after school today for a teacher here at school. He and his wife are expecting a baby girl soon, their first.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Here's what we have been up to....

It was reeeealy cold last night, but the kids wanted a snowmobile ride, so they went for a short ride before supper and were freezing when they got home.

Bretta has been using a nebulizer for her bronchitis and hates it, but it really works well.
Here she is in her Cancun shirt from Grandpa Gary and Grandma Patty. I will post a picture of her and Caden both in their shirts as soon as they both have them clean at the same time:)

Bretta lost her first tooth.
I told my mom on the phone that Bretta lost her tooth and she interrupted to tell me that she did not lose her tooth. Jody pulled it out and put it in an envelope, then the tooth fairy took it. She never lost it. Guess she doesn't get some of our expressions.
Caden doesn't either. I stepped on his foot and he cried and carried on because I hurt him. I said, "I didn't mean to do it." He responds, "I know you are MEAN." I had to tell him that I didn't mean to means that it was an accident.
We are of to Bemidji tonight. Aaron has a workshop there tonight and tomorrow. The kids and I are going along, as the motel has a really nice little kiddy pool with slide and stuff. Rich and Caleb have gospel meeting in Bemidji tonight and the kids and I will go to gospel meeting while Aaron is at his meetings. When we come home tomorrow the workers are coming home with us to spend the rest of the weekend.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tired Kids

Bretta sleeping on the way to gospel meeting.

Caden sleeping on the way to gospel mtg.

Both sleeping on the way home from shopping.

My kids were beat after the weekend and are now sick. I stayed home with them today and then Aaron took them to Urgent Care while I was teaching my night class tonight. Bretta has and ear infection and bronchitis and Caden a cold.

Fun Shopping Trip

Anna, Adrianna, Lindsey in the hot tub.

Lanelle, Bretta, Caden, and Evan in the tub.

Bretta and Lanelle watching TV

Caden and Evan using Caden's light sabers, or
whatever they are.

Some of us ladies went to Grandforks shopping on Friday and Saturday. We had a blast and found lots of great deals. The funny thing is on Sunday morning Wyatt and Caden had the same pants and at gospel meeting Aaron and Eric had the same pants. Guess we all found the same deals:) We shopped, then the kids swam, and we shopped more and ate Mexican before coming home. I have some pictures of the kids, but will have to get some from someone of the ladies.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Last day of work for the week!

Caden paintings.

Bretta paintings

Bretta Monroe- need a picture she is facing the other way.

Pirates of Roseau- Caden Landry

I get tomorrow off, yipee. I should be entering grades right now, as it is midterm and our grades are due in by 2:00 this afternoon, but our electronic gradebook is down. Very convienient. I found a really neat site and doctored some pictures. Here is the link.
Have a great day

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not much happening here.

We have a little angel living at our house.

Also living in our house is a rollerblading
Daniel Boone. Like the coon skin hat?

Not much exciting going on with our family. We are working and doing homework this week. Aaron and I did take the kids and go to the gym to play basketball last night. Caden, Bretta, and Aaron shoot hoops and I go to the gym upstairs and workout and run. I am feeling a little sore today, as I worked out after school and then went to the gym later too. Aaron is going on a snowmobile trip with the guys this weekend and the kids and I are taking a shopping trip with some of the wives and kids. I don't suppose we will get to speed shop or anything. I will have my two kids and Carla will have four, Bonnie and Jackie have only older girls along, lucky them.