Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I haven't posted in a while....

Here's Bretta being lazy. We have been trying to
kick the thumb sucking habit, but....

Bretta and Caden at the Teacher of the Year Banquet

My favorite Bison Fans, making art projects during
my evening ALC classes. They have been attending
since Aaron has baseball practice.

Aaron getting his "Diamond" from the President of Education MN.
It is a little clear triangle on a base, but Bretta and Caden
call it "Dad's Diamond" If it were really a diamond...I would have
already sold it:)

Bretta, Daddy, Caden at the Teacher of the Year Banquet.

We have been really busy and I am looking forward to school getting out next week, even though I am teaching summer school the first three weeks of June. I have lots of plans for projects around home this summer... I always have lots of plans and only get about half of them done.

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  1. Cute pics. Yeah I can see you "selling" Aaron's diamond & going shopping!