Monday, April 20, 2009

The Circus was FUN

Caden with a noisy, light flashing sword, that
Auntie Cynthia bought for him.

Payton and Auntie Kendra ( doesn't she look
great? down 60+ pounds)

Bretta enjoyed the show.
The kids and I went to Fargo after school on Friday to stay at the hotel with my parents and Trav, Cynthia, and Payton. We had a great time, but Bretta and Caden didn't go to sleep till after midnight and were up on Saturday at 6:15 AM. They were ready to watch cartoons, UGG.
By the time the 2:00 circus was over, they were exhausted, so was I, but I had to drive home yet. We got home at 10:00 PM to Roseau and went straight to bed. Aaron went to the Twins game with the Roseau baseball team and then their team played in the dome on Friday night. We watched from the motel in Fargo and saw aaron on TV (in the background). He had an exhausting weekend too. Their game was played after the Twins game and they didn't get back to their hotel till 3:00 in the morning. Sunday we had meeting and gospel meeting, so no nap. I think I will be tired all week:)


  1. we missed the circus this year. hope to get to it next year.
    YEAH for Kendra!!

  2. Kendra looks great! Looks like the kids had fun. You're kids are always up early...what's new there! Miss you guys already. Can't wait till May 3rd.