Monday, April 6, 2009

KIDS Say the funniest things.

Caden was asking me this morning what kind of worker Tom is (Tom Mason). What he means is what does he do for a job? I told him Tom is a truck driver. He then proceeds to tell Bretta, "Tom is a truck driver, mom and dad are teachers, Grandpa Gary and Grandpa Paul are farmers, and Grandma Patty is a shopper..." At that point I began laughing and explained that Grandma Patty actually has a job...not just shopping. Just so you know Patty, the kids don't think you work, you just spend money:)


  1. LOL! It does seem like she's shopping all the time.
    To Nolan she is known as "the grandma with the soldiers."

  2. Oh LOVE it!!! I got a great laugh out of that!! Thanks Caden, I love you.
    Neisha, you mean the green ones?

  3. what an accurate description of grandma patty!!!!! too funny.