Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I have been busy, but I am still here.

Bretta in her favorite shamrock shirt.

Kids in the snow yesterday. We are getting
more snow today too, YIPEEE. (sarcasm)

Caden and Bretta last Sunday.

Not to much going on here. We have been working, doing homework, and not much else. Aaron and Caden did go ice fishing with Dan Timmersman and the workers on Saturday. The workers have a picture of Caden scooping snow and licking it off the minnow scoop, YUCK. Bretta and I stayed home and she went out on the front step in her flip flops and built a snow family. I will post a picture of that. Aaron has started baseball practice after school everyday. The kids and I go home eat, play for awhile, I run while they watch a movie next to the treadmill, then we have baths, brush teeth, and get ready for bed. When they are in bed, mom does homework. Pretty much the same routine everyday, so no excitement here. We are looking forward to visiting Wisconsin for Easter and going to Fargo for the circus the week after Easter.


  1. the kids are looking cute as always :)

  2. we are really missing you guys and the kids. I put the one of the kids dressed up on my computer background.

  3. So cute! Can't wait to see you next week!! Plus I can't wait to go shopping! It's been forever.