Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Latest happenings.

Grandpa Gary and Payton- Puzzle box for a hat.

Payton in the slide at the playland. He will
be three on St. Patrick's Day.

Mom, Bretta, and Kendra.
My mom fell on the way into meeting last week and broker her knee cap, so she had surgery last Friday. Aaron and I and the kids are heading down there to visit on Thursday, we are off Thursday and Friday for Hockey Break. We are also going to be attending a birthday party for Payton, my cute little nephew, who will be turning 3 on St. Patrick's Day. Bretta has her party outfit all picked out. She is going to wear her I love Daddy t-shirt that has green sparkly letters and a big shamrock.
They just announced that we will be getting out of school at 2:15, a whole 45 minutes early, you would think we were getting a week off the way the kids were hollering and cheering. I could hear yells for a good minute coming from other classrooms. Anyway, the weather is getting bad and all the schools are closing. I just hope we don't get to much snow, YUCK! I'm ready for spring:)


  1. We are very anxious for you guys to get here! love you lots!

  2. too bad about your mom. Hope she's up and around soon

  3. Hope you get all the snow & it passes us by. Have a goof b-day party with Payton.

  4. how's your mom? i'm guessing that must be pretty painful!