Friday, February 27, 2009

Here's what we have been up to....

It was reeeealy cold last night, but the kids wanted a snowmobile ride, so they went for a short ride before supper and were freezing when they got home.

Bretta has been using a nebulizer for her bronchitis and hates it, but it really works well.
Here she is in her Cancun shirt from Grandpa Gary and Grandma Patty. I will post a picture of her and Caden both in their shirts as soon as they both have them clean at the same time:)

Bretta lost her first tooth.
I told my mom on the phone that Bretta lost her tooth and she interrupted to tell me that she did not lose her tooth. Jody pulled it out and put it in an envelope, then the tooth fairy took it. She never lost it. Guess she doesn't get some of our expressions.
Caden doesn't either. I stepped on his foot and he cried and carried on because I hurt him. I said, "I didn't mean to do it." He responds, "I know you are MEAN." I had to tell him that I didn't mean to means that it was an accident.
We are of to Bemidji tonight. Aaron has a workshop there tonight and tomorrow. The kids and I are going along, as the motel has a really nice little kiddy pool with slide and stuff. Rich and Caleb have gospel meeting in Bemidji tonight and the kids and I will go to gospel meeting while Aaron is at his meetings. When we come home tomorrow the workers are coming home with us to spend the rest of the weekend.


  1. Bretta did the tooth fairy come visit when your tooth came out? Have fun this wkend. I;m going with Darla m & Stacy to a motel in Siren, they are going to scrapbook & I'm going to read.

  2. way to go Bretta. Hope her tooth fairy doesn't forget to come like Kylie's tooth fairy did a couple of times.
    have fun at the motel. I want to take the kids to the Dells to one of the waterparks

  3. Cool, Bretta, now you can suck a straw through the gap where your tooth was. Glad you are teaching your Mom how to speak properly! :)

  4. *kiss* *kiss* to Bretta and Caden....I hope you guys are feeling better! Kylie and Nolan really miss you!