Friday, February 13, 2009

Ready for Valentine's Day???

This is how Bretta dresses around the house.
High heels, pink, red, green, purple (all in one outfit)

Caden visiting dad in his classroom.

Bretta and her Valentine's Box.

Bretta had her party at pre-school yesterday (I didn't get any pictures of our cute cupcakes). I got home from bible study Wednesday night and Aaron had baked the cupcakes while I was teaching class, so all I had to do was frost and decorate. Really nice of him to help out like that, only problem... Bretta needed 16 cupcakes and Aaron made two boxes, that is 48 cupcakes. We solved the problem. I made them really big and then Caden took 12 cupcakes to daycare too and I gave some to my students, cupcakes are all gone and I didn't get to eat any, thank goodness. Aaron and I had our first wiegh in for the "Biggest Loser" today and we lost 9 lbs. Aaron lost more than me of course. I think another team beat us for this month though. I am going to put a picture of Bretta with her Valentine's Box, she took it and all of the candy in it to her room, so I checked on her at like 9:00 PM and she was in her bed eating candy. She was on a real sugar high last night. The good news is her candy is almost gone, the bad news is she has another party at daycare today=more sugar.


  1. The snowmobiling looks like fun. Caden looks all grown up with dad in his classroom. As far as Bretta's dressing, she's right in style, seems like anything goes these days.

  2. i let ayla eat all hers really fast too. better to get it over with rather than drag it out!

  3. my kids would like the snowmobiling.
    Caden does look all grown up visiting dad. her clothes. Kylie dresses like that too.
    What a great Valentine's gift...a cleaning lady. better than roses...though I do love the roses Justin got me.

  4. Mindy,
    You have a great point. Eat all the candy at once and only deal with hyper sugared up kids once. I am going to talk to Aaron about this:)

  5. lol, caden's smile is so huge and cute w/aaron! what a proud lil boy! ;) i cant wait to see those cuties soon!!