Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not much happening here.

We have a little angel living at our house.

Also living in our house is a rollerblading
Daniel Boone. Like the coon skin hat?

Not much exciting going on with our family. We are working and doing homework this week. Aaron and I did take the kids and go to the gym to play basketball last night. Caden, Bretta, and Aaron shoot hoops and I go to the gym upstairs and workout and run. I am feeling a little sore today, as I worked out after school and then went to the gym later too. Aaron is going on a snowmobile trip with the guys this weekend and the kids and I are taking a shopping trip with some of the wives and kids. I don't suppose we will get to speed shop or anything. I will have my two kids and Carla will have four, Bonnie and Jackie have only older girls along, lucky them.


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