Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend Fun

Bretta and Caden fun in the tub.

My new chairs, the sofa and loveseat are the same.

My new Ikea shelves, which took me HOURS
to assemble.

I spent my weekend getting the rest of my IKEA bookshelves assembled and filled with books. I didn't get a whole lot of housework done, so I was a little bummed to have to go back to work for the week and not have all my laundry and cleaning done....THEN we had an ice storm. Yippeeeee! School was canceled for Monday and two hours late on Tuesday, so I spent the day cleaning. I feel much better now:) Bretta and Caden played all day and only had two or three fights, which is a really good day. I am going to show you pictures of my bookshleves, I am so happy to have them finally and my new living room furniture too. Of course, I now have a couch and loveseat in the garage too. I need to sell my other furniture soon, as Aaron doesn't like my stuff in his garage. Have a great day.


  1. ooh, love the new furniture!! We need to get a couple more piece for our living room. The book shelves are neat too. We need to go to Ikea to look at book shelves for our living room

  2. Hey Tam...love your bookcases. A year ago we got a big bookshelf from IKEA too -- and we LOVE it. I love putting all sorts of things in there (besides books).