Monday, February 23, 2009

Tired Kids

Bretta sleeping on the way to gospel meeting.

Caden sleeping on the way to gospel mtg.

Both sleeping on the way home from shopping.

My kids were beat after the weekend and are now sick. I stayed home with them today and then Aaron took them to Urgent Care while I was teaching my night class tonight. Bretta has and ear infection and bronchitis and Caden a cold.


  1. ☹ what a bummer! Hope it doesn't last too long! I'm glad you guys had a great time though!

  2. They really look worn out from shopping.
    Poor Bug & her bronchitis, I'll have to do some looking to see if I can find an oil that might help her out.

  3. I like the first picture of Bretta.
    Hope the kids are feeling better

  4. looks like you shopped til both kids dropped!! sorry they are sick. we have the baby on antibiotics too. enough with winter already!