Saturday, February 26, 2011


Pantry AFTER cleaning

Pantry BEFORE cleaning

Aaron is gone snowmobiling and he is in for the suprise of his life....I cleaned the pantry! Aaron hates that our pantry is a mess and he can never find anything. I actually took the after picture above when before I put lables on all the baskets. He should be able to find things now:) It took me hours, probably because it was a huge mess and then Parker helped. He kept eating things off the floor and playing with all the garbage, empty boxes, and old food I was throwing in a pile. I know I could have done it much faster without his help:) I also made some felt flower pins for Bretta and some pillow covers. I only have pictures of one that I did a while ago, but I will post pictures later of all the sewing I have gotten done the last month or so. The problem is the pictures are on two different cameras and my cell phone sooooooo i need to get them all downloaded.

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  1. Wow! you really cleaned the pantry! Looks nice.